Blue Martini

Picture this…


Naples, Florida.




3 girls walk in to a bar that’s new to them named Blue Martini and assess the room.

Security guards in sports coats.  Bartenders in corsets.  Paper napkins flying.  Fog blasting to the beat of the music.  Sparklers being waved above the heads of the crowd as bottles are being served to tables.

80 year olds, 21 year olds and every age in between all dancing to the music of the cover band.

“Where are we?” say the girls over and over again throughout the night.

The answer… the best people watching place EVER!





Last week was a very high energy week at my school.  The much anticipated Pumpkin Palooza party had happened the previous Friday and was the talk of the town, Halloween was Wednesday and Thursday was PJ day.

During snack on Monday one of my students came over to me saying “don’t come over here.  There is a surprise and you can’t know about it.”  I didn’t think anything of it and was indeed surprised at dismissal to find a note on my chair saying “Boo to you!”

Tuesday was a low-key day with nothing happening out of the ordinary.  I’ll take it, I thought to myself.

The students were excited on Wednesday.  They couldn’t wait for our party and of course to get home to trick-or-treat!

On Thursday night I arrived home and tucked into my lunch box was a ziplock bag full of candy.  I had no idea where it had come from but assumed it was from my parents house, where I had spent Halloween.  My mom must have wanted the leftover candy out of their house, I thought.

A friend arrived in my room on Friday craving candy.  I went to give her a piece from my mystery bag but realized I had left it on my kitchen counter.  I told her the story of the mystery bag and we laughed.

Later on Friday 2 boys came up to be and said “BOO!  Did you know it was us that booed you with all that candy?”

“Nope!  But you totally made my week!  You know me well with my sweet tooth.  Thank you!”



Mom knows best

“What are you food prepping for the week,” my mom asked me over breakfast on Sunday.

“I was thinking of making that soup we like.  The one with ground turkey and spinach.”

“Good idea.  It’ll help fight your cold.  Let’s have a soup day then,” mom replied “I’ve been wanting to try to make butternut squash soup too.”

After a text to a friend for a recipe, it was settled.  We were off to the grocery store for our supplies.

We were a great team…cooking both soups at once and finishing quick.  We even improvised adding new spices in the pots and hoping for the best.

After soup making, instead of saying “let’s go shopping (our usual favorite late afternoon pastime)” my mom said “let’s watch A Million Little Things on the DVR from this week.”

3 hours later we were still on the couch having tea, chatting and watching the first Hallmark Channel movie of the season.

Later as I was falling asleep it finally clicked.  I shot her a quick text, “thanks for being my friend and cooking partner today.  And for being my mom and making me rest.  Just what I needed.”



The way to a girl’s heart

“Pssst,” I heard in my ear followed by a wave from Ryan to follow him to the newest selection.

It was the beginning of Meatfest, my friend’s annual party to showcase delicious meat.  You name the meat and it was probably there at some point or another throughout the night…brisket, pork, cured meat, smoked and fried meat, chicken, bacon…I could keep going.

I couldn’t even tell you what Ryan led me to for my first bite of Meatfest but I know it was delicious!  And even better, I was one of the first to try it and waited in no line.

15 minutes later, “Pssst,” I heard in my ear followed by a wave from John.

This time I followed John over to the tent for a variety of cured meat…Bresaola (a dried beef filet), duck breast prosciutto and hot sopressata.  All homemade by Ryan and John!  OMG!  Amazing.

A little while later, “Hey!  Elena,” I heard above the crowd, followed by a wave from Scott.

This time I was flagged inside the tent to cut the line for a taco.  Not just any taco but one that was made with smoked ribs that were then taken off the bone and battered and fried.

The food just kept getting better and better as the day went on.  And I just kept feeling more and more special.  Who knows why I was one of the first to try these amazing creations, but I was not about to complain.

I left Meatfest 2018 with not only a full stomach but also a very full heart.




I’m just not into writing today.  I don’t want my blogging streak (since the SOL Challenge in March) to end.  However, I’ve been sitting at my computer for 45 minutes and nothing has come to me that can be developed in to a full blog entry.  Here are some of my leads…

  • I am so tired.  Maybe I should bail on the bonfire tonight I thought to myself on the train ride home from NYC on Saturday afternoon.
  • It was my cousin Charlotte’s 17th birthday yesterday.  Compared to last year’s Sweet 16, I’m sure it felt pretty blah.
  • I’m not a good binge watcher of TV shows.  Most of my friends are and give me great recommendations but it’s just not me.  So instead, for this new TV season I have decided to try out many of the new series.  It seems manageable to watch 1 episode a week.  I’ve been DVRing several, a few of which I really like.
  • End of Summer Patio Party!  How does that sound?  Free cocktails and free passed hors d’ouvres.  Better?!  5-7 on a Thursday night with friends.  Sounds great to me!


…maybe someday one of these will turn in to a Slice of Life post.  Stay tuned!



Well hello there, October.  Thanks for arriving.  

September is always a hard month for me.  Summer (my favorite season) comes to a close.  I  have to start waking up early and getting out of the house fast, no more tea with “Kelly and Ryan.”  A routine that I’ve craved all summer, now seems daunting.

September brings a new school year.  Which means stress. Stress with learning names and personalities, planning for “little” kids and setting up a routine.  It also means I’m more tired from answering many questions over and over again.  This year I’ve been hearing a lot of negativity too floating around in and out of the school building, which I’ve let get to me.

So here’s to you, October!  Your my turning point.  I am going to use you to start fresh.  Starting with you, there are 3 months left of 2018.  They will be great, positive, and stress-free!  They will be the best of the year!    img_3444-2