For the past 3 years I’ve participated in what is called “Holiday Council.”  It is a 3 week (or more if you want) course that, to quote Molly, the founder, will take you from feeling like life is moving at warp speed to understanding exactly where you’ve been and exactly what you want from the year ahead.”  Essentially it is a method to help come up with your OLW, and ways of being, and create goals for the next year.

As I moved through these 21 days I thought about how much my OLW for 2019, EMBRACE, meant to me.  I was able to embrace life but felt like there was still work to be done with it.  While I embraced the chaos that is life most days, I felt like I still need to pause and connect with different aspects of it.

So my OLW for this new decade is…CONNECT.

I’d love to use this word to live an authentic, fearless, alive life.  I’d love to connect more deeply with myself and others.  I’d love for this word to provide me with love and hope each and everyday!



13 thoughts on “Connect

  1. It is wonderful to connect with you since we both shared the word embrace in 2019. I chose balance as my OLW2020 and also wrote about it as my slice. Holiday Council sounds like a great experience to find your one word. May you have many positive connections this year. If you are on Twitter, I would love to connect with you (@cvarsalona).

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