Word of the Year Reflection

December 2018, for the 2nd time, I came up with a word of the year.  And in January 2019, I made it public by writing a slice about it.  My word of 2019… EMBRACE.

I kept this word close to me at all times (written on a PopSocket). I made a vision board of pictures that reminded me to embrace life that I kept on my computer and near my couch.  I told some friends too so they could check in and ask me.

And now that it is New Years Eve, I can safely say…

I embraced 2019 for sure!  I worked confidently on projects at work sharing my ideas freely.  I even interviewed for positions I wasn’t so sure about.  I pushed through uncertainty plenty of times and trusted my intuition just as many if not more.  I tried to take each day one day at a time.  Most of all, the one I really wanted to conquer this year, I found time for myself to relax among the chaos of life.  I embraced sitting on my couch and doing nothing (a feat many didn’t think I could do, and probably need some more work on still).

Yes… 2019 taught me how to embrace life…each and every moment of it.

This picture sent to me 1 year ago today! 


Now to think about what 2020’s word should be.


6 thoughts on “Word of the Year Reflection

  1. Yay YOU! I believe that the OLW we choose don’t necessarily have to make us better, but they should make us more aware. This reflection is filled with how aware you were of the moments that embrace made it’s presence known in 2019! Yay YOU, again! Happy New Year, friend!!

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