My school adopted the TC Units of Study for Phonics this year.  Needless to say, it has been a whirlwind learning and preparing for each lesson.

One of the hardest parts for me has been being animated with Rasheed, the lion mascot.  I have never been a singer or a “make believe” person so it’s been a challenge.  In fact, I have forgotten recently to even take Rasheed out of his bed to participate in our phonics lessons.

“Where has Rasheed been lately?” Indy asked me one day during pack-up time.

Think fast.  Think fast.  Think fast.  “Umm… he must be hibernating.  It’s been pretty cold out recently.”

“Oh!  Ok!” Indy replied smiling.


“Umm…Ms. Wetmore. Lion’s don’t hibernate.  In fact, they live in very warm places,” Aiden, my animal fanatic, exclaimed.

“I didn’t know that.  You sure do know a lot about animals,” I replied caught in my own lie.

“Actually, when Rasheed finally does come out of his bed.  We should probably have a very warm winter coat for him.  He’s going to be cold because it’s a very different environment here than he’s used to.”

Ooookkkk!  That’s not part of the kit from TC.  Guess I need to go shopping AND learn my lion facts. 



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