Word of the Year

Each year I pick a new word to live by. My word for 2020 was Connect. After reflection on this word I’ve realized I did connect in 2020 but definitely not in the way I had intended/hoped for. I connected with friends via Zoom. Normally a busy body, I connected with my house and my couch/Netflix. I found myself slowing down and connecting with sunset after sunset, moment after moment.

After reflecting I’m tasked with the new challenge… choosing a 2021 word. I went through several drafts of my word for 2021. All of which somewhat had the same thing or getting to the same goal. I consulted friends, family, thesaurus (or really Google). The word I finally landed on was (drum roll please)… EMERGE. As cliche as it might sound I’m going to emerge from 2020 and make 2021 better than ever. I’m going to be bold and open to try new things. I’m going to pick up and build pieces of myself that faltered this past year. I’m going to take the truths of my words from previous years (joy, embrace, connect) and emerge into a new me!

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