Is it cool or not?

It’s Friday. It’s the day after Field Day. It’s the day author Grace Lin has come to visit our students.

Im checking to make sure the students are in the correct bus line and listening to their excitement.

“The water slide was so fast.”

“The one where you had to poop out an egg like a chicken was hillllarious!”

“Why were you raising your hand to ask a question of Grace Lin today? So lame,” I hear a 2nd grader ask a 3rd grader rudely. I pause. Will I have to intervene? Should I intervene?

I walk closer and hear a 5th grader intervene instead, “Um asking questions is cool. It’s when you’re hand is up and you are going ‘ooooo. Pick me. I have a question. Ooooo pick me,” that’s not cool. Raise your hand quietly.”

The 5th grader saw me watching and smiled triumphantly. Nice work kid. Nice work.

3 thoughts on “Is it cool or not?

  1. I’ve been retired for one and a half years, so I really enjoyed reliving the bus line and field day when reading your piece. You brought back good memories, and way to go fifth grader! I’ve always enjoyed teaching intermediate students more than primary students; however, when you put the two together, it’s magic.

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  2. Wow — what a scene to behold! I’m glad that 5th grader knows the importance of asking questions and knew enough to impart that wisdom on a younger child! I thought your slice was going to be about temperature hot or cool! Ha!

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