What to do…

I turn to the boisterous sound coming from the doorway. Standing there is Anna, “what am I supposed to do with this?”

As I look and move closer I see Anna holding a paper towel. Inside the paper towel she is holding up a pair of underwear for all to see. Stunned I stare and Anna repeats herself. She says, “where should I put this?”

I just stare some more. No words are coming to me. “They were on the bathroom floor and I thought I should be nice to Mr. Bill (our custodian) and pick them up,” Anna continues.

Lucky for me though my coworker is in the room and takes the lead, “I think you should go to the nurses office to give to her. And then wash your hands well.” As soon as she leaves we crack up. Never have we ever.

Anna returns right away. “All good,” I ask. “ You can tell you have a younger brother and sister…not many people would have done that. Job well son!!!

5 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. Yes, “never have we ever”! My goodness, so many questions. I feel concerned for the one who left the underwear behind. What an incredible kid, Anna is – so empathic.

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