I have 17 students in my class this year. Not 15. Not 12. Not 18. 17 students!

Last week though my class couldn’t catch a break. We started the week down 2… one recovering from getting tonsils taken out. The other with a fever.

Then a grandmother passed away and a student traveled to Chicago for services. So at a maximum by Tuesday afternoon I had 14 students. Between doctors appointments and pullouts by other school personnel and bathroom and nurse visits, I was often at 12 students.

Today shocked me though. So much so that when we had a fire drill I had to count several times. Phew! 17 is much more than 12, especially when they don’t stand still. 17 students were accounted… for all day long (and hopefully all week too).

4 thoughts on “17

  1. Seventeen is a great size for a class! 12… that’s getting a little small. I’m so glad you had 17 by the end of the week. I feel like my class is pretty much never at full capacity these days.

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