Fridays are for…

Fridays are for happy hour! All week last week it was was gorgeous… a sign of our first outdoor happy hour in the warm sun at a favorite Mexican restaurant in town. We could not wait for their veggie nachos. They are THE BEST! Each day we talked about them.

As Friday drew near though it changed. Only 2 of us could make it. It was cloudy but warmish. Should we postpone our outing? But as the final bell rang… the sun came out. Off to Vivas we went! And the nachos were just as good (if not better) then we remembered!

4 thoughts on “Fridays are for…

  1. Friday’s are precious, esp. to educators. I had a very similar day to yours last Friday. My husband and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for an outdoor lunch in the glorious spring weather of Austin, TX. Cheers to Fridays, friends, and authentic Mexican Happy Hours.

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  2. I admire your commitment to these gatherings! It’s so easy to say no sometimes but saying yes is often the better move! So glad you got to connect and relax after a long week. It’s a perfect kick off to the weekend!

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