At the first of every month I take a break from our normal math curriculum to have students create their own calendar for the month. They marks birthdays of students in our class. They jot down holidays and spirit days. They even share special days in their family. This also gives the students a chance to learn about calendar skills by answering a bunch of questions. Most students typically find this activity to be on the easier side and end up completing it and asking to play a math game.

Today was that day!

We began by discussing the various important days in November… including crazy hair day! Then we talked about pictures that might draw to go along with November. We even practiced writing dates in different formats, the long way (November 1, 2021) and the short way (11-1-21). And they were off to create their own.

As I walked around the room I noticed the class was doing a great job creating their own. They were colorful and accurate. It made me smile how creative they were being with marking birthdays and other important events.

I did another lap around the classroom as they flipped their papers over to write the dates of important holidays (still on the smartboard). I was surprised to see so many students writing dates in different ways as we practiced. I paused the class and went over how to write dates again.

As most kids finished up they came to show me their work. I ooooed and aaaahed over their pictures and calendar. But then was surprised still at how many students were having trouble still with the date. What am I doing wrong? What is another way I can describe this? Maybe I need a 2nd grader who gets it to be the teacher?!

By the end of the day everyone went home with an accurate calendar and questions. But I came home still pondering. How am I going to change this lesson for December? What can I do between now and December to make it more successful? Maybe my buddies in the Slice of Life will have some suggestions.

Stay tuned with your fingers crossed for me!

5 thoughts on “November

  1. I am confident that your December lesson will go well because your slice shows what an enthusiastic and reflective teacher you are! Keep reflecting!! Students approximate first before mastery. Celebrate their embrace of this step!! The mastery will come, some by Deceber…some will need until June. They are lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher. You might like learning about Brian’s Conditions for Learning:

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  2. I wonder if during November each day you wrote the date a different way on the board for them to copy on to one of their papers. It would give them practice so when December comes it is not new again for them. Just a thought! I love that they each make a calendar at the start of the month! Nice idea!

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