Sunday Breakfast

The text message came from my uncle’s newly bought iPhone on Saturday afternoon. “Lena we’re going to go to to church tomorrow Dana, Maria, Uncle Dan and I if you want to meet us and then will have breakfast”

I responded back “maybe” right away. But sure enough the next morning I was up and ready to surprise my family at church. And by surprise I don’t mean just going to church. But actually sitting with them in the main part of the church instead of the side chapel where I usually like to do my praying and reflecting.

After church Uncle Dan declined breakfast but Uncle Doug, Dana, Maria and I went to the diner. We settled in and decided on our orders. Pancakes and eggs for Maria. A breakfast Sandwich for Dana. An omelet for me. Poached eggs for Doug.

“Poached eggs?” I asked.

“Yeah! I can’t wait. I haven’t made them for myself in a very long time…maybe since the summer,” he responded with a grin.

He beamed again as his plate was put in front of him a little while later. “Woo hoo,” he exclaimed as he scooted his plate closer to himself so that he could transfer the poached eggs from the bowl to on top of his toast. The first egg slid nicely into place.

The second egg, not so much. In a blink of an eye it rolled our of the bowl, bounced off the side of the toast, hit the rim of the plate and landed…

in Dana’s hands!

The four of us stared at the egg in disbelief. How had Dana reacted that fast and been successful not to smash the egg? Then we started laughing hysterically.

When the laughing died down Dana declared, “Good thing I just finished sanitizing my hands! Let’s eat!”

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