Mile 118

Ding… the dashboard lights up with the low tire pressure light.

“Ugh! I have THE worst luck when it goes to tires,” I say to my mom next to me. “You wouldn’t even know what that light meant if you saw it pop up.”

Not even a minute later a loud noise starts. “Wow! Trucks on all sides of us makes for a loud ride,” mom says. “Or is it us,” she adds skeptically.

“Nope! Not us. The car’s not even shaking or veering in a direction,” I say as I briefly take both hands off the wheel to show her. As I say this I smell rubber and see some smoke in the rear view mirror. “Um…maybe I’m wrong. Let’s pull over.”

I climb out of the car and tentatively make my way to the back of the car… the tire isn’t flat…it’s shredded to pieces. What the…

“Well we need to call AAA,” I say climbing back in the car. “And maybe Tori and Jake because we won’t be allowed in a tow truck.”

And then we wait….

6 thoughts on “Mile 118

  1. I wonder why you were not allowed in the tow truck. We had masks, me and an almost 6 foot tall teenager and a dog and we were jammed in the front of a tow truck. I am in awe of your calm too. I am so happy you were with your mom and that you were okay.


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