TetherBall is Back

Recess this school year has been different. Each class has a zone to play in that rotates daily. Some days kids get to be on the swings and monkey bars. The next they might be on the blacktop.

On Friday my class was on the playscape. So when we went out a few hours later for a mask we chose a different area.

That’s when they (and I) realized the strings around the tetherball poles no longer had milk jugs attached to them. They actually had balls!!

Kids started playing their own version of the game immediately. Before I knew it Ned had been whacked in the head. He got right back up thinking I didn’t see him go down. “Keep going guys. I’m good.”

No sooner had they continued to play when Ash got the ball to the nose. He bent over in tears as I went running. “I’m fine. I’m fine. I want to keep playing,” he announced as I reached him. “I just need a minute.”

I rounded up the two boys and headed to the nurses office. The entire way there hearing “I’m ok. Really! I don’t need the nurse. Please can we stay outside.”

And me saying, “I know but it’s a school rule. Head bumps need the nurse to check it out. The tetherball ball is back! It will be there next time for you to play.”

7 thoughts on “TetherBall is Back

  1. Hey, we do not have tetherball at the school 100 yards from you! We demand recess equality. I love tetherball (not the shot to the nose so much). It was a very competitive game at the camp I went to.

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