Still at Mile 118

Cars flying by us at 75 miles an hour. Our caravan shaking with each passing truck. But we’re fine. We’re safe. We see Tori and Jake northbound waving… they’re coming. They just have to loop around southbound at the next exit.

AAA has just told us that it’ll be 2 hours until they can get to us and if we feel unsafe call local authorities.

The tow truck company has confirmed it’ll be at least an hour and 45 minutes and if we’d rather we can leave the keys under the mat and leave the car on the side of the highway until they can get there. After all, they can’t have us in the tow truck when they do finally get there.

Our last “hope,” aka Tori and Jake arrive, at the mile 118 marker where we are stopped. “Let’s get this tire changed,” Jake says cheerily.

“Um…hate to tell you. We don’t think there is a spare in the car,” my mom tells him. “We’ve been searching.”

“No way…I’m figuring this out!”

10 thoughts on “Still at Mile 118

  1. Ugh… I love this and I hate it. I love it for the realness. I hate it for the (too) many times I remember being there. It’s horrible to be stuck on the side of the road like that. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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