Worst Nightmare

Friday started out as a great day.  Very little traffic meant extra time at the gym which meant a really good sweat session to kickoff the weekend.

I was dripping as I entered the locker room, still breathing heavily.  I showered and dried off quickly.  I opened my bag to get my clothes…


What should I do?  Worse comes to worse I can wear my sports bra that I just wrung all the sweat out of.  But that won’t be fun.  I could wear my jacket all day.  But it’s not really that cold out.  

I decided to text Ali, who lives close enough to school to not have left for work yet, for some help.

I waited and waited as I continued to get ready.  Will she have something for me?  Is she even coming to school today?  

I drove to school still waiting, and still with no bra.

Finally… “I’ve got you covered” flashed across my phone.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  “But I’ll be a little late.”

The jacket would have to do for the time being.

My lifesaver came flying into the meeting I was in with a bag full of options.  I exhaled the stress of the past hour.

Now to turn Friday back into a great day!  


3 thoughts on “Worst Nightmare

  1. One of your greatest slices! The careful build up to the reveal of “no bra” was brilliantly crafted! I love that Ali had you “covered” in more ways than one! Thanks for the laugh via brilliant slicing! Thanks for sharing!

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