Why I Write 2019

I wish I had written back in elementary school my thoughts on writing.  I wish I wrote even when I started teaching about it too.  But here I am, a couple years after starting the Slice of Life Challenge reflecting…

I write to tell abut my day.

I write to relax.

I write about my worries.

I write about things I am proud of.

I write about surprises.

I write to smile.

I write lists.

I write poems.

I write stories.

I write cards to make others smile.

I write lots of emails and texts.

I write for my friends.

I write for my students.

I write to become a better teacher of writing.

But most of all…

I write for myself!


8 thoughts on “Why I Write 2019

  1. To think you sat in my living room two summers ago and said “I don’t think of myself as a writer” – and now, you not only see yourself as a writer – you are a writer who reflects on why she writes! Yay you! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’m a bit jealous that you have some IRL friends who are also blogging friends. I count myself lucky that some of my blogging friends have become friends I’ve met. I treasure the support of this community and love that you write for yourself. Your list makes me realize that there are many, many reasons to write. Thanks for sharing.

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