Year 13

Life was good back in early August of 2007. But it got better when I landed my first teaching job in late August. As like many teachers it happened days before new teacher orientation. It left very little time for me to organize myself and lots of time to freak out.

Driving to BMS for Day 1 of new teacher orientation was frightening. Would I know anyone? Would I like the people I did meet? Is teaching for me? How do I even meet new friends in this environment?

Walking in to BMS was no better. All the same thoughts swarmed my head. “Hey! I’m Erin! Are you new too?” a girl walking beside me asked tentatively.

“Um, yeah I am. Are you?” I asked back equally as nervous.

Turns out we were heading to the same orientation and even better…ultimately the same school.

Fast forward to year 13 and Erin and I are still great friends. Constantly together and frequently being mixed up as the other. In fact, recently, a first grader said to us as we walked into the cafeteria “Hi, Ms. Wetmore’s,” as if we were the same person/teacher. Guess it wasn’t so hard after all to find a friend.

5 thoughts on “Year 13

  1. That moment at the end is so sweet! Love the balance of your thinking and the short snatches of dialogue. It’s so awesome when we can reach out in those moments and make a connection!

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