I look down at a rug filled with index card.  Index cards of different colors, with different names and symbols written on them.  In four rows, in two sections (boys and girls).  It’s one of the first signs that the end of the school year is approaching.  It is time for putting together the perfect classes for next year.

“X can’t be with Y.”

“Z gets support.”

“A and B would get along really well, they should be put in the same class.”

“C and E can push each other outside the box.”

“X can’t be with Y.”

These are the conversations that circled my team mates and I during our faculty meeting today.  These are the conversations that are still circling my head as I write this post.

Will the circle stop?!  I know it will, it always does.  But for now…the circle must continue until those” perfect” classes are created.



7 thoughts on “Placement

  1. Placement conversations can spiral out of control as we try to create “perfect” classes. It is so hard to create a class with names on a card – we should have “new class play dates” and test out the dynamics??!!

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