Here’s to my 2 amazing, fun, calm, travel companions.  If it weren’t for Alison and Eli I would never have made it through the past 92 hours…

  • Left school at the bell on Thursday to catch a flight to Key West for Ryan and Rosie’s Wedding
  • Upon arrival at the airport we are told we have a delay.
  • We go through security to find a spot to have dinner and a drink only to find no restaurants to go to.
  • Delay is extended so we are going to miss our connection flight.  AA says sorry…we can’t help you yet because you haven’t missed it yet!
  • Back out we go in search of dinner.  Spend waaaaayyyyyyy to much money on pizza.
  • Arrive in Miami at midnight, get handed a blanket, pillow and sandwich and get told we will be there until very late the next day.
  • By 2am we decide to rent a car and drive the 3 hours south.  (Thank you Eli for letting me sleep and staying up with music and coffee).
  • 14 hours later I arrive to my couch for the weekend.

Fast Forward to Sunday…

  • Arrive at the airport 2 hours early to find out that our flight is delayed.
  • Again, our connection will be missed.
  • BUT…JB is willing to help us and switch us to a flight going to JFK instead of LGA…an uber ride away.  We’ll take it!
  • Until…our flight is delayed again.
  • JB gives us some vouchers for food and tell us to get comfy once getting to our connection in Fort Lauderdale.
  • A very turbulent flight later and we arrive in Fort Lauderdale.  We are told that our plane hasn’t left so we are off running to the next terminal.  We are making it back to CT.
  • Nope…they were wrong.  It left a very long time ago.
  • Sleep maybe 3 hours and we are back to trying to get home.
  • Easy flight back to LGA.
  • Long wait for the shuttle to the car to be greeted by a VERY unpleasant driver.
  • Traffic and a 2 hour car ride home… but


Thank you Alison for laughing with me through this all, sharing lots of unhealthy food with me and dealing with my crankiness.

Thank you Eli for dealing with AA and JB multiple times, for treating me like family and for keeping Alison and I calm through all of this.

Next time we travel though… no connecting flights!




7 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Wowzer!! Now the lesson of no connecting flights is clear but the other take-away is JB’s acknowledging the inconvenience and at least trying to help you and then giving you food vouchers! JB wins over AA in this scenario! Glad you made it home and even happier that you had such great friends to share in the adventure! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’ve recovered with a good nights sleep!

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  2. I like the title. Connections to flights and relationships. Im sorry you had such a bumpy travel experience. It sounds like you found the bright sides and I’m sure have more stories that can be written!

    Liked by 1 person

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