What a Friday


The wind was howling and the rain was pouring when I woke up this morning.  The nor’easter was here!

I made my way to school and surprisingly arrived early even though it was raining.  Rainy days typically mean lots and lots of traffic.  So I settled down at my computer to read some SOL posts.  Soon I found a post that said they had a snow day!  I was very jealous.  To be honest, I was a little cranky.

But my mood slowly changed…

First, I was greeted by students wearing PJ’s to celebrate Read Across America.  Books in the hands of all and some pillows and blankets too.  One student though arrived sad because she had forgotten her pillow at home.  As I was trying to cheer her up her mom emailed me to say that she was going to drop of the forgotten pillow but first was heading to Starbucks, what did I want?  Perfect!  On a rainy day, that was exactly what I wanted to change my day around.

No sooner had Starbucks been delivered to my room (with the pillow of course too) did my principal come on the intercom… “Attention students and staff…because of the high winds we will be switching to a 1:15 dismissal schedule.  That means that the first lunch wave starts in 5 minutes.”

“Woo hoo!” the class screams!

A smile comes on my face too.  My class still had their specials, have 30 minutes of lunch, they got to leave at 1:15, and I had extra time to spend on slicing.  What could be better!?!

Best surprise for a Friday!  No more crankiness for me!




8 thoughts on “What a Friday

  1. Every now and again we need a day like that! A surprise Starbucks (what an awesome mom!) and early dismissal. Hope you are staying safe at home now! Happy writing!


  2. What a cool surprise! I admit I am a little jealous.
    I think I need to send a treat to my daughter’s teachers. That one coffee is such a thoughtful surprise that communicates you are appreciated. It warmed my heart!


  3. A perfect teacher’s day! So many teachers in my school were thinking we might close early yesterday (one of the maintenance guys brought up the idea on Thursday), but I figured it would be a whole day. And let me tell you, between the full moon a few days before, the huge storm system raging around us, and Read Across America, my class were OUT OF THEIR MINDS by the end of the day. So you were truly blessed to send them home early! Thanks for the fun post.


  4. You captured the change in energy with your words! Such a fabulous way you wove it into the paper! You go girl! Thanks for sharing! Today you made me smile!


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