My Guardian Bird


Right around Thanksgiving, I was walking out my front door and got so scared by something on my porch.  It was small.  It was dark.  It was still.  It had eyes.  It was up near the roof.  I decided to dart to my car and head to work.  

When I returned home that night, I stole a glance toward the same corner part of the ceiling of my porch.  That same scary thing was there.  I decided I had to be brave and find out what it was.  I turned the porch light on and edged closer and closer very slow.  What did I find?  A bird!  A bird was there.  No nest, just a bird.  How long had it been there?  Did it really stay there all day?  

Several weeks later, when my mom was leaving my house she had a similar reaction to me.  “Uh, Elena.  Don’t freak out but something is over there on your porch” she stuttered.   

“Oh no worries, mom!” I replied.  “That’s my guardian bird.”  

“Your what?” she asked.  

“My guardian bird.  It’s been there every day for the past month.  It hasn’t bothered me once so I haven’t bothered it.  In fact I decided to be nice to it and give it that name” I chuckled.  “It’s there watching over my house and me I guess.”  

Fast forward to now, March, and this bird has been on my porch almost every morning and every night.  On the weekends, when I’m popping in and out of my house more it’s not always there during the day.  But each morning I say “bye bird” as I head off to work and each night I saw “Hi bird! Miss me?” when I get home.  My neighbors must think I’m crazy!  (Good thing they haven’t been outside when I’m leaving or coming home).  

But it’s strange.  Of all porches, why did this bird choose my porch to be on each day?  It got me thinking, what does a bird symbolize?  I decided to google and found out that birds symbolize freedom and perspective.  They can also be seen as a link with the spiritual world.  Hmmm….what does my bird, my guardian bird, mean?  What is this bird on my porch trying to tell me?  Or is it all just a coincidence?  


6 thoughts on “My Guardian Bird

    1. It must be warm where you live. In my midwest life, we often had birds in the porch eaves and hanging plants, but I have too many predators in my MA yard for that comfortable lifestyle.


  1. Sweet name for your bird and enjoyed you journey of going from scary to content with your new friend! I’m a birder and so your title enticed me to read your post. I wasn’t disappointed!


  2. Love how you wrote about the little moments that you have with your little ‘guardian bird’…that’s what writing everyday helps you cultivate- living a life where we stop and observe the little things in our everyday lives. 🙂


  3. I feel honored to have met this bird. I can’t believe it’s still there. When we first met, I assumed it was seeking shelter from the bitter cold. I like the idea of this bird being your guardian. Someone is looking over you. Sweet slice.


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