Camp Trin

It’s so hard to coordinate schedules. So when one of my Camp Trin college friends, Katie Cha, asked if I was free 2 days away I was thrilled I could say yes. There was no big plan just a “come into the city to hangout with Moe (another Trin girl) and I.” I immediately texted back yes and extended the invite to another friend, Jenna.

Then the nor’easter hit and Moe got stuck in Baltimore šŸ˜•. I was sad to hear that and bummed my weekend plans needed revision.

The change of plans still involved me riding a crowded MetroNorth train into the city…with a very rowdy group of college kids. All I heard on the train ride (which was in the middle of the afternoon) was beer cans opening, talk of who made out with who, one person shhhhhhing another because their story was better than someone else’s and booing of other colleges. Were we ever that rowdy and inconsiderate when we went places in college? When did I get to be so old that I was even thinking this? After all, they’re just having fun, doing what friends do.

Fast forward 8 hours…

I’m sitting on the train so I can be home, in my own bed when I wake up in the morning. I’ll be in bed by 12:15 šŸ˜‡.

It was a perfect day. Jenna couldn’t hang out the whole time but still wanted a Camp Trin reunion so Katie Cha and I went to her new apartment to hang for a while (gorgeous). Followed by a delicious “special occasion” place for dinner for Katie and I, a stop at a speakeasy (that we quickly left because of the noise and crowd) and ended the night at a quiet wine bar.

This train is much quieter tonight but still as crowded as this afternoon. It gives me time to think about how thankful I am that I have grown up and no longer feel the need to close bars down and therefore feel awful the next day. And how thankful I am that my Camp Trin girls and I don’t skip a beat, smile and laugh just as much as we did when we were in college. I also realized that we didn’t need to be rowdy for our day to be amazing.

Maybe growing up isn’t so bad after all?!

7 thoughts on “Camp Trin

  1. The push and pull of this piece is appealing. You manage this through observation and internal thought. Then you wrap it all up with your own conclusion about where you are in life. Leaving the reader as satisfied as you are. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I like the contrast of the two train rides and how both caused you to think and reflect. Iā€™m glad you had a good visit… and got to sleep in your own bed!


  3. Loved your description of the college students on the train. I was also thinking how I hate it when I have to revamp my plans. I noticed the older I get the more I enjoy the quiet time to think. Sounds like a great get away!


  4. Growing up does have its advantages. I like the way you reflect in this slice on how you are celebrating the old and new you. I’m glad your weekend was so much fun! (p.s. Is Trin for Trinity?)


  5. I love this post. You really brought me back to my university days and made me laugh so much at your ending. I am SO thankful that I have grown up and find fun in different ways than I did then as well!


  6. Love the inner thoughts you shared…”Were we ever that rowdy and inconsiderate when we went places in college? When did I get to be so old that I was even thinking this?” I can totally relate!


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