First Day

Dear Class,

Today is Tuesday, August 30, 2022. Today is an important day. Today you become 2nd graders. Today you start fresh with a new set of peers and teacher. You start a whole new year of learning.

This year my hope is that you…

  • are kind to yourself and others
  • meet many, many new friends
  • proud of all the work you do
  • are considerate of each other as you learn about what makes each of you unique
  • feel comfortable in our classroom
  • share stories of your adventures (both out loud and in your writing)
  • fall in love (if you haven’t already) with reading
  • take on the writing challenge I’ll give you in April
  • persevere through hard task
  • smile and laugh a lot
  • LOVE 2nd grade

Today marks day 1 of 182. Let’s make it a GREAT one!


Ms. Wetmore

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