Dinner Gone “Wrong”

Last week Tess proclaimed tonight to be girls night at my parents house. She’d be the chef as long as we chatted with her while she cooked. So tonight Tori, Donna (Tess’ mom), Kris, my mom and myself sat around the kitchen island, drinks in hand ready to catch up and watch the chef.

Tess worked her magic asking for different ingredients or utensils as she went. “Mom, can you cut the zucchini for me while I sauté the onions,” she asked when she noticed us getting hungry and trying to move the process along.

Donna opened the bag and her eyes bulged. “Um… we forgot that.”

“Ok,” Tess replied. “How about the corn? I still need to do that.”

Donna peered in the bag again, eyes wide. “How did we forget that too? We even shucked it already!”

Kris, Tori, my mom and I start to laugh. “No worries. There is plenty of food here. The salad is huge,” my mom says hoping no one gets mad at each other for the mistake.

We continue to chat and laugh and hear about each other’s summers. “Ok, I’m almost done,” Tess says. “Can someone just pass me the feta?”

We all look around the island and at each other wide eyed. “Nope,” says my mom starting to laugh again. “Will parmesan work?”

Finally we sat around the table to enjoy our girls night dinner. Even though there were more than a few missing ingredients, it was delicious. It might have been the “wrong” meal but I’d have another meal created by Chef Tess anytime.


4 thoughts on “Dinner Gone “Wrong”

  1. Great ending! I appreciate the relationships in this slice — clearly it wasn’t about the actual meal but the people who had gathered for the meal. Supportive people gathered who took all the missingness in stride..together!

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