Creating a Mindful Environment

“I might take a grad class in the fall if I can get it approved by HR,” Dawn said one day over the summer.

“For what? Through where?” My mind was spinning with questions. I have toyed with the idea of taking more classes for a while now but never got up enough courage. It’s hard to go back to taking classes after so many years away.

But after finding out more information and researching myself I decided to give HR a try too. I filled out the paperwork and waited. And waited. And waited.

“I’d really like to start soon,” I said to my team mates at lunch on Friday. “But downtown hasn’t gotten back to me in like a month.”

Their advice… call. Don’t wait for the email.

So with shaking hands that’s what I did. And within 30 minutes I was getting the approval (and apology for taking so long). I got off the phone grinning to myself. Was I really going to do this? So I couldn’t back out I texted Dawn the exciting news and raced off home register for the class titled “Creating a Mindful Environment.”

So here’s to getting back to taking classes with a positive growth mindset.

5 thoughts on “Creating a Mindful Environment

  1. I absolutely love this! Sometimes, the course offerings leave a bit to be desired, as they don’t translate directly into our practice. This class, though, seems like it would be useful for both you AND your students. Let us know how it goes!

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