“I’m having a moment. I’m going to do some online retail therapy,” I announced to no one special. An hour later I had spent too much money on too many bathing suits and cover ups… knowing a lot would be returned.

Several weeks later I am at the mall making this large return (but not as large as I thought). “I’m going to browse while you return,” my shopping partner (aka my mom) said. A little bit later I rejoined her in the curtain department. “These would look great in your living room. AND are on a huge sale. What do you think?”

I LOVED them and bought them!

The changing of the curtains though lead to the rearranging of furniture, and picture frames, as well as a bag of items being brought to a donation center. It also lead to a smile on my face and a “new” room to relax in at the end of the day.

3 thoughts on “Curtains…

  1. Didn’t see that ending coming! Life, like a piece of writing can take unexpected turns that can lead to sheer (no pun intended) delight! Love that your bathing suits were returned and your living room was redesigned!

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