First of the Season

The day finally arrived. It was a HOT, sunny day. It was time for the first swim lessons of the season. I had 4 swimmers… 3 of which were newbies.

Lesson 1 (a newbie): Carter came down the hill smiling but as soon as the gate was open and he saw me the tears came. His dad jumped in the water with me to help but all we heard was “No Papai! No!”

Lesson 2 (the age 5 “veteran”): Audrey came sprinting down the hill with her sister eager to jump right in. She listened and tried her best the whole time, barely needing a break. She could not wait for the end of the lesson… the time she got to “CANNON BALL!!!”

Lesson 3 (another newbie/lesson 2’s sister): Unlike her sister, Millie was less eager. In fact she had proclaimed in the car ride to the lesson “I’m not talking to her (meaning me)!” And true to her word she only mouthed words for at least the first 10 minutes of lesson.

Lesson 4 (the last newbie): Thomas came quietly down the hill trying to figure out if he was going to like this experience or not. His mom was ready to come in with him but surprising everyone he came right in with me. He was timid to start and didn’t like water in his face. But we practiced “blowing out birthday candles” high out of the water. Then lower and lower at various points throughout the lesson. Until he proclaimed “I did it, Mom! I blew bubbles!”

What a perfect first day! It’s going to be a great summer of swimming!

6 thoughts on “First of the Season

  1. I love the way you framed this slice, taking us through each of your lessons throughout the day. And I can picture each kid you’re working with. I especially loved the thought of Millie, refusing to talk to you but mouthing her responses – enough to satisfy you, enough to satisfy herself. And Thomas’s pride at blowing bubbles? I can picture the smile on that face!

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