Wedding Speech

For those of you that don’t know me I’m Tori’s sister, Elena.  For those of you that do, you probably know how hard it is for me to make decisions.  Tori and Jake know this first hand and deal with it a lot.  Therefore, writing this speech proved to be quite the challenge for me.  

Should I write about having to grow up fast when Tori was born as the oldest of 4 but now how she’s keeping me young and how much I value that?   Should I write about disliking Jake when I first met him when Tori and Jake were in high school… when he’d use every ounce of firewood in the first 10 minutes of a fire pit night or scare my parents silly using the jetski?  Should I write about a specific time I spent with both of them, like running through the airport almost missing the plane because of traffic and golf clubs?  I could even elicit help from all the Trumbull High, Stonehill or Penn State friends and cousins they have.  Flashmob anyone? 

Decisions!  Decisions!  Decisions!  

When thinking about this decision though, what I kept going back to was how much they complement each other.  Jake sees a problem and tackles it immediately. Tori may notice something and put it on Jake’s to do list.  Jake is an avid golfer.  Tori will happily play 9 holes but goes along for the 18 when no one else will.  Jake likes to play games at the beach.  Tori likes to sit on the beach and relax. Tori has spent two years working out at her gym F45, Jake got jealous and decided to join. Both are competitive, helpful, and family oriented people.  They keep each other engaged in their lives as individuals and as a couple, and express their love for each other on a daily basis…even when bickering.  

As much as you both balance one another out, you do more than that- you balance our families out. Jake, as a now-official Wetmore, kind of, you make all of us better. We are a better, stronger, funnier and tidier family with you in it.

So, here is some advice for the bride and groom. Separately, you are two kind, amazing people, but you’re even better together.  As you sit side by side through this roller coaster of life, remember to scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loops, and enjoy every twist and turn. 

Enough with the sentimental stuff, to close I want to slightly edit a quote from the bride herself, from her first-ever outgoing voicemail message:

T to the ori

Wet to the mori

Her favorite guy is… Jake

WWWWwetmore out De Luca in!

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Let’s raise our glasses and toast the wonderful couple! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wedding Speech

  1. I can hear your saying every word — love the rollercoaster line — so true! I’m so happy your family got to celebrate this day together — incredible memories have been made by all! Here’s to Tori and Jake!

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  2. I’ve been thinking about speeches recently, how we describe someone, something, ourselves in a few minutes. Capturing a concept, a feeling, a moment, it’s not easy. I felt your moment, sensed when your sister smiled, covered her eyes, laughed out loud. A beautiful tribute in a moment you will both remember.

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