For over a year now I have been attending church in a living room, on a tv, via YouTube from St. Patrick’s Cathedral rather than my actual, local church. Sometimes I’ve been by myself, other times I’m with family.

This past weekend I went to church “in the chapel” of my parents home. I was joined by my sister and parents from the start. We listened to the gospel readings. We sang along to the (not so great) music. We recited the prayers being said. All very much like the previous 52+ weeks.

But then my sister-in-law decided to join. She came in to the “chapel” quietly but late. She too listened and prayed.

But when it came time for communion Amanda stood up like a Eucharistic minister and passed out communion (aka pieces of graham crackers).

What a treat!

6 thoughts on “Eucharist

  1. I’ve enjoyed church on my couch. I had to smile at the picture of your family singing the hymns in the living room. Looks like the family took church up a notch this week. We’re getting good at pandemic life.

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