Dear Uncle Lou,

This week, while on vacation, I was persuaded to play golf… not once but twice. The first time I played with the women’s set of clubs and STUNK big time. “Practice swings” happened a lot and the ball did not go very far. Needless to say, I left that golf outing feelings bummed.

Time number two though was different. I was playing with the whole family so I was “forced” to use your clubs. I was nervous yet excited to use your set as so many people have told me I should try playing with men’s clubs because of my height. While I didn’t have my best round of golf, I certainly improved. They weren’t to heavy. They weren’t too long. My drives went further. My chips were better. And I used some new (to me) clubs. Who knew what a 9 iron could do?!

So thank you for allowing me (even if you didn’t know at the time) to borrow them for the day. They will definitely be used again on the next vacation.



4 thoughts on “Clubs

  1. I love this! My guys have been trying to get me to try golf. One of these days I’m going to take them up on the offer. From what I can tell, the things that make golf frustrating make it amazing – as in, there is always a way to grow and improve…

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