It’s Time

I feel very fortunate that I was able to get a vaccine a month ago because I’m a teacher, not because of my age. Many people in my family are still waiting for their turn.

“What can I do when Brett and Amanda are eligible to schedule their appointment later this week. I want them to be ready!”

“Why don’t you practice and make an appointment for Casey (a family friend in need)? He’s a Bridgeport resident and I just read about a Mobile clinic at the zoo,” my mom says shoving her phone with a flyer on it at me. The flyer says that Bridgeport is having a hard time getting residents vaccinated which is why this Mobile clinic will be in the area for the next week (accepting walk-ins as well).

“Sure,” I say wanting to help in anyway I can.

I find the website and begin to create him a profile. What do I put for email address because he doesn’t have one? Same with his phone number.

I decide to multitask…call the phone number and fill out online forms at the same time. Which will be easier and faster?

Several minutes pass, “Please continue to hold as we are experiencing high volume of calls.”

Another minute. Still not done navigating the online form. What a pain. I’m lucky my school district did all this for me. “Please continue to hold as we are experiencing high volume of calls.”

7 and a half minutes into the call (form almost done but not quite), “Good evening. What can I help you with tonight?” comes a friendly voice on the other end.

She asks a bunch of questions which I try to answer the best I can (my dad chiming in when I get stuck).

10 minutes into the project and we are done. He has an appointment not even 48 hours later.

“Woo hoo! I’m so happy. That made me feel so good getting him an appointment. Thanks for the idea. Now back to trying to help others be prepared to schedule theirs.”

6 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. It’s interesting to me how different it is from place to place to schedule an appointment. You remind of many barriers people may experience while trying to schedule. As a teacher, like you, I was able to get the vaccine several weeks ago. We were given a window and link to sign up. The system the provider was using had all kinds of glitches and the first round was a bit of a mess, but it worked. In our state, the vaccine is now available for anyone 16 and older. I saw last night that a few of my past students had received the vaccine.

    The wave you wove dialogue, your thinking in italics, and an explanation of events made this post very relatable. Wishing you continued luck in your quest.

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