Fellow Slicer

Dear Fellow Slicers,

We made it! 31 day straight of writing… for the whole world to see. And if you didn’t make 31 days, that’s okay, you still wrote and that’s what counts.

This month I’ve changed my morning routine to read your slices. To feel your feelings. To get ideas for my own writing. To comment on your hard work.

I’ve read about many (big and small) times in your life. I’ve felt the challenges of college admission, the deliciousness of cake recipes from friend, and the growing and learning of plants as well as colleagues. I’ve learned from far and near about the broadening of knowledge and challenges of teaching during a pandemic. I’ve laughed about pets, family members and neighbors.

I’ve enjoyed each slice I had the chance to read this month for one reason or another. So thank you! Thank you for putting yourself out there. Thank you for commenting on my writing. Thank you for giving me ideas for my personal writing and my teaching. Thank you for keeping me going.

As much as I want to write tomorrow, I won’t. I’ll take a break. But I’ll see you next week. Same place, same time!

Love, Elena

7 thoughts on “Fellow Slicer

  1. Using a letter format is perfect for today, the last day of this amazing writing challenge. You say so well all that I am thinking and feeling. SO well stated. The fact that you state specific stories you read shows how much you like all the aspects of this writing challenge. It’s not just writing but reading and commenting too!! Thanks for putting into workds all that I am feeling right now. Love this community!!

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  2. It’s nice, getting insight into others’ lives which can be so inspiring to one’s self. It’s amazing how others can also be motivating, especially on those days when it’s not easy to think of things to write about. I think we all will miss our new writing routines, but it’s not gone for good, it will be back!

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  3. Yay YOU! You letter hits on so many of the reasons why we toe the line and go every March! It’s really all about the people and the connections and the stories told and read! Congratulations — now rest!

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  4. I’m so glad we all do this together. We start out thinking, “How will we ever…..?” and then we end with, “Thank goodness we did…” I love the way this thank you note wraps up the month and shares all of the rewards of being part of this writing community. Now, what am I going to write about for Tuesday?

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