What’s the weather?

It seems these days weather is important.  It changes my mood.  It changes my activities.  It changes everything.  Hence why I find myself checking the weather app multiple times a day.

Today was no different.  As I sat in my small groups with students it poured for a few minutes before stopping and getting sunny.  I attended my faculty meeting as the clouds rolled in again. Both didn’t surprise me completely as the weather app had told me it was going to rain all day.  I’d take the sun when it decided to pop out instead.

After the school day was done I checked the app…again!  Chance of rain 0%.  In fact, no chance of rain until 5.  So my sister and I set out on a walk.  The sun was shining but we still left saying “Mom, if it starts to rain come find us.”

About three quarters of the way into our walk though it started to drizzle.  We can handle a tiny bit of rain.  We continued on.  We had no other choice.  Then it started to hail…In May!  With blue skies ahead of us!  What the?!  Again we continued on with no other choice.

“I bet it’s not even raining at our house,” my sister said.  “It’s only a mile away but it’s blue skies in that direction.  Should I call mom?”

“Nah!  We’re already wet.  I bet by the time we get to the top of the hill the hail (and rain) will stop.”

We got to the top of the hill and… it stopped!  We searched for a rainbow but saw none.  What we did see was mom coming to rescue us!  But… no rescue needed.  The rain had stopped.  We would continue on our walk.

But seriously…what’s up with the weather these days?!


5 thoughts on “What’s the weather?

  1. It’s crazy. It’s like the world is all out of whack. Our skies were sunny in one spot and a deep gray in another. I didn’t know whether to venture out or not. I almost left for a walk and then didn’t. Five minutes later it was pouring. Then the sun was out. I didn’t know what to do…..I stayed in.

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  2. It’s climate change, altering the weather patterns we are used to. I have had to stay inside the past month, and the fact that it was colder than usual made it somewhat easier. But it is disturbing when it’s 75 one day and 45 the next day. I’m glad the rain didn’t get you too wet.

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