Dry Run

An advertisement popped up on one of my social media pages…


Yes!  How fun!  I can have delicious food AND be safe AND see my friends AND not break my bank account!  What a great idea!  

The screenshot was taken and made it’s way to a text message fast.

Before I pressed send though…

Wait!  Am I reading this right?  What if I can’t really tailgate in the restaurant’s parking lot?  Then what?  I can’t make people drive to my neighborhood just to turn around.  

I decided to delete a few names from the text message and I added the message “Can we do a dry run of this tailgate this week so that the hens (our groups name) can go another day?”

Within seconds my 2 friends replied “YES!!!!!”

Fast forward a few days…

We had delicious drinks and shrimp (with leftovers) AND were safe in our own trunks of our cars AND didn’t break our bank accounts AND we were  really together instead of on the computer.  Wins all around.

Now to invite others…while still maintaining our distances.  I cannot wait!


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