High School Friends Turned Sweethearts

When the doorbell rang… I ran!  I was so excited to see my sister, even if from afar!  As I opened the door her hand went up and she said “I have a surprise!”

“Ahhhhh!  That is soooooo exciting.  Congrats!  I’m so mad though I can’t hug you right now” I said through the screen door.  “Put your hand a little closer so I can see!  Gorgeous!”

“You’re the first person to find out! It literally just happened on the bluffs,” she exclaimed.

Tori started to fill me in on the details she could remember (from before blacking out from excitement) while Jake filled in some pieces.

“You know what though?  I had a blue piece of seaglass in my hand when Jake proposed and I dropped it and I couldn’t find it afterwards,” Tori said.

“Geez, Tor!  Stop talking about that.  You have a better rock on your hand than that now anyways,” Jake said with a laugh.

“True!  But it was a blue piece of seaglass!  Anyways, would you mind taking a ride to take our picture?”

“Of course!  But with this social distancing, let’s take bikes.”

So off we went, staying apart from each other, to the lighthouse down the road and to the bluffs where it actually happened.  For once, my photographer skills were a hit!

When we got back to my house and put the bikes away I gave them air hugs and blew them kisses (the best I could do for now).  “I can’t wait to celebrate!”

I am beyond excited for these high school friends turned sweethearts!



5 thoughts on “High School Friends Turned Sweethearts

  1. What exciting news! I love your beginning: “When the doorbell rang… I ran! I was so excited to see my sister, even if from afar! As I opened the door her hand went up and she said “I have a surprise!”” It sets such a tone of the happiness of the occasion and of what was going on. 🙂


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