• December is known as the month of giving. But in first grade we focus the month around kindness. The students are asked to hang kind posters around town, they hide bookmarks in library books as a surprise for the readers taking them out and create holiday cards for the senior home across the street.
  • I’ve been looking at kindness outside of school too to share with my students. In the mix of the holiday craziness there must be some…

  • There was the crosswalk guard that stands outside my house that helped me clear off my snowy car.
  • There were my aunts who helped decorate and prepare my house when I was having company over for some holiday cheer.

    There was the man in the parking lot that pointed out the open parking space.

    There was the neighbor who waved good morning.

    There was my uncle who secured my tree on my porch so I wouldn’t come home to it in it’s side.

    It’s these acts of kindness that make me feel fortunate. That make my bucket full. That make smile.

    5 thoughts on “Kindness

    1. One of my absolute favorite Christmas songs is by Jewel is Hands, “in the end only kindness matters” she says. Your slice captures that, beautifully. Kindness is everywhere, keep our eyes and hearts open to actually see it. Thanks for sharing. FYI, I think each act in your slice is sliceworthy in itself….;) Hope you are having a GREAT day!

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    2. Kindness is light in the darkness. May there be lot of light around you during this holiday season. Remember you are the light in other people lives.


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