It was a cold morning when my alarm clock went off for the gym.  I hit snooze while contemplating if I was actually going to leave my nice warm bed.  But I never fell back asleep.  Guess I’m getting up and going to the gym, I thought to myself.

I quickly got dressed, boiled some water for tea, took my vitamins and was out the door in no time.  Of course there was the dreaded traffic, but I didn’t mind, Christmas music was on and I was enjoying my flavor of tea.

I finally got to the gym (late) and walked in to see the cheery receptionist who is there most mornings.  “Good morning, Elena!” she said.

“Good mor…” I squeaked out realizing I had no voice…a downfall of living by yourself and not talking the first hour you’re awake.

Oh man!  The germs of the first graders finally got me. Do I call out sick?  I already battled traffic to get close to work though.  Do I have a bunch of specials or other people in my room to help me through the day?   I don’t have plans ready.  Can I make it a whole day with this voice and 19 students?  Maybe it’ll get better once I wake up more. 

These thoughts kept running through my head as I slowly walked on the treadmill.  I also chugged a lot of water and kept my fingers crossed.

But as I entered the locker room and tried to say hi to some of my gym friends I realized the voice was not getting better and it was too late to call out.

Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go… with no voice.  This should be interesting.  


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