Get Out Of My Head

My mom and I are very different.  She has black hair, mine is brown.  She has brown eyes, mine are blue.  She is average height, I’m tall.  She eats tuna fish, I don’t.

My mom and I are alike too!  We both like the beach.  We both enjoy a nice glass of wine with a pasta dish.  We both like shopping. We both put others before ourselves.

Sometimes though we are too much alike, it’s scary.  We’ll be shopping together and go to the dressing room with the same shirt to try on.  Or begin reading the same book without knowing the other one is reading it.

Last week, after grocery shopping, we were talking on the phone…

“I’ve been craving graham crackers with my sleepy time tea” I said to my mom.  “I finally bought some today!”

“Me too,” she said.

“I bought the cinnamon kind though.  They looked too good,” I said.  My mom starts to laugh.  “Why are you laughing at me?  The little things in life make me happy.”

“I’m not laughing at you,” my mom says.  “I’m laughing because I did the exact same thing today.  I had the plain ones in my cart and then at the last minute switched to the cinnamon.  We are too much alike.”

I start laughing too.  “No way!  Get out of my head, mom!  How is it that we are in 2 different states and just managed to do the exact same thing, AGAIN?!”

Dinner is ready for my mom so she hurries off the phone.  2 seconds later I get this text:



We really are best friends!

Happy Birthday, Mom!




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