“Back Bay station is next,” announced the conductor.

I gather my stuff up and head to the door.

The doors open and I find my way above ground.

Ahhhhhh! Boston!

I walk the 5 minutes to my aunts house and arrive to this…

I put my slippers on and settled in on the couch to chat with my aunt Rosanne. My uncle Bill is in the kitchen crafting a plate of appetizers but soon joins us. I have been waiting all day for this. Their little Boston apartment is so cozy and perfect for a Friday night.

We chat about everything…my train, their days, family, weather, weekend plans. We chat until Bill stands up and says “who wants dinner?”

He goes into the kitchen for a little bit and comes back out with one of my favorite comfort foods…grilled cheese (mini) and tomato soup. What could be better?!

An hour or so later Rosanne stands up and announces “I’ll get dessert ready.” She searches the apartment for the right plate and comes back out with a revolving assortment of mini desserts.

“Homemade caramel sauce too from a coworker!” she states. “The recipe looks really easy too!”

All I can say as we head to bed at 1am…boy am I spoiled! Can’t wait for the rest of the weekend! Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Boston

  1. What delicious, warm slice! I love the subtle hints of surprise that you crafted when your uncle and then your aunt disappear to the kitchen. It left my salivating with wonder. The pictures ante woven in purposefully with the story! Thanks for sharing!

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