I’ve always loved Boston. The walking. The people. The shopping. The food. I’m not really a city person but love visiting there. Somehow it has become a tradition for me to visit MLK weekend.

But this year my plans were up in the air. I watched and listened to the weather report daily. It was going to be bad. I wasn’t going to chance driving. Guess I’ll have to skip Boston this year! I said to myself on Wednesday.

Maybe I should look into taking Amtrak, I thought to myself at lunch on Thursday.

$167 one way…nope! I hadn’t booked early enough. All the basic seats were sold out. Boo!

Sitting in my car waiting for dinner with a friend that night I was bummed. I wasn’t going to see my aunt, uncle and best friends. I wasn’t going to get to walk around the city. I wasn’t going to get away.

Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in my head…what if I leave from a different station?

I fumbled for my phone and searched. Sure enough if I could find my way to another station the ticket would be much more reasonable.

Sold! I’ll worry about getting home later.

Good thing I looked for a train home immediately the next day. What I found was a list of canceled trains for Sunday. Yikes! Good thing I don’t have work on Monday. But, I better book fast. All those canceled trains means very crowded trains Monday.

I quickly found a reasonably priced and good time train on Monday morning a clicked Book!

Boston…here I come!

10 thoughts on “Amtrak

  1. Did you get there??? I love Boston.. Always wished I could have lived there… and I didn’t get to march last weekend. Took the weather reports too seriously… but moving on… let’s get to spring!

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  2. I love the internal dialogue here! It really gets us inside your head – the words and the emotions “Boo!” You had me feeling the exact up and down feelings you felt and then the satisfaction and elation at having booked! Yay! Hope you had a great time in Beantown! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I adore Boston. I lived in Providence for two years and never seemed to be able to spend enough time in Boston. It’s an amazing city.

    Let’s talk about Amtrak. Their prices have gone up astronomically in recent years. I recently thought I’d take a train from my Central PA City up to New England for a conference I was speaking at. Would you believe that it was cheaper for me to fly than to take the train!?!?

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