Water Challenge

Last week I talked up the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge to 4th and 5th grade students in my school. I have a student teacher for the month of April so thought this would be a fun challenge to take on myself, with the the help of fellow slicers from my building.

In our building we have decided to phrase the challenge as “writing more than we usually do.” So students might choose to write a slice only on the weekends, or just on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month. The students were filled with comments and questions and seemed so interested in trying this out.

“I remember when I had you in 2nd grade and we tried this.”

“Do I really have to do it every day?”

“What happens if I don’t do achieve what I challenge myself to do?”

“Can I make a graphic novel?”

“I can’t wait to put my writing out there for others to see.”

As I went from class to class I got even more exhilarated. My speech got more precise as I went. I was able to answer questions before they were asked.

In the last class I spoke to for the week though I got thrown a curve ball. “Do you know what the water test challenge is?”

Thinking the student was talking about the ice bucket challenge I replied, “Yes I do. But I’m here to talk about the writing challenge instead.” The student asked again and again I had a similar response.

It wasn’t until Monday morning I realized I had misunderstood the question. Now I’m left wondering the same thing…

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