Screen Record

I was enjoying some silence one morning before school started, waiting for a coworker to come to my room for a meeting. I didn’t want to start another project and have to stop so I started scrolling Instagram and immediately started laughing out loud to a TikTok someone had shared. I had to show it to a friend but the friend was not on Instagram. How could I do this?

I played the TikTok over again to see if there was a share button I could press. “Are you watching TikTok,” Brenna said startling me.

“Um, no. I mean, yes. I guess, sort of.” Brenna gave me a look. I continued “you see I want a friend to see this and I just don’t know how to get it to her.”

“Why don’t you just screen record it?”

“You can do that,” I replied. “How?”

Brenna quickly showed me how to add the button to my phone, how to use it to record and how to send it to my friend in no more that 2 minutes.

“Well, I guess it’s true, you do learn something new everyday.” And with that we started our meeting… and I started telling everyone I knew about this cool new (well probably not new) iPhone feature.

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