Mask Up

Never did I ever believe I’d make it more than an hour with a mask on, let alone while teaching/talking most of the time. I thought there was even less of a chance of a second grader doing it. But here we are 82ish school days later and holding strong.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the easiest thing at first. But with some trialing of different mask brands and styles it’s gotten better.

One of my favorite masks to wear is a black and white tie-die one. I wear it probably once a week, or at least once every 10 days. I find it breathable, fun for the kids to stare at and “matches” many outfits.

Last Friday I masked up with this favorite one and continued our classes read aloud. I stopped to ask the class a question and was met with blank stares. So I asked the question in a different way.

Shyly a girl in the back raised her hand. I eagerly called on her to hear what she had to say. “Um…did you know you have a hawk on your mask?” Not the answer I was looking for.

Now it was my turn to stare blankly. Another child chimed in before I could react, “oh yeah! Right there! By your nose. Take a selfie and see if you can see it yourself.”

And sure enough…There it was, 2 wings and a body of a bird on my mask. Never had I ever seen the bird on my mask before and never will I ever wear the mask again without seeing and/or thinking about it resting on my face.

5 thoughts on “Mask Up

  1. We are still working remotely, but I also have a pile of colorful masks. I’ve been thinking about wearing them all day, when we go back. This story warmed my heart and eased some of my anxieties.

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  2. It is really amazing how “normal” mask-wearing has become. Every once in a while I have a moment of realizing how truly weird everything is, though. Ruth,

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