Sharing Mr. Sun

I’ve been trying to share some of my blog posts to my class this year.  My hope is that they begin to see that small things can turn into longer pieces of writing.  My hope is that they might begin to try out more formats for their own writing.  They might even be able to see that even adults have to revise and edit.

So last week I wrote a post about students in my class, Mr. Sun.   When the students came back to the classroom after recess and lunch I decided to share it.  I settled them in front of the smart board.  I told them a little bit about my inspiration for the piece before opening up Word Press.

As soon as it appeared on the screen they chimed in singing the song (the start of my slice).  When the song portion was over they sat waiting for me to continue.  When I got to the Ruthie paragraph I looked up searching for her, but forgot she was home sick.  I continued.

I read the last paragraph and looked at Anna.  She could not control her laughter.  She was crying she was laughing so hard.  “Ms. Wetmore!  That’s so funny” she exclaimed wiping her eyes with a tissue.  “Can you read it to me again later?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said smiling ear to ear.  “Of course!”



5 thoughts on “Sharing Mr. Sun

  1. I love that you’re sharing your slices w/ students. I sometimes shared my blog posts w/ students and my inspiration for the posts. Often they asked how to follow my blog. I think some still follow. Did you tell students how you created humor?

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  2. A slice with in a slice – YAY! Clearly your kids got the humor of the original slice. They actually got their own humor. I think it is beyond fabulous that you have this bank of writing and the stories of process to go with it that you can share with your first graders – you ARE a teacher writer!! Yay YOU!!

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