That’s what friends are for…

I’m sitting outside at a new local taco bar. Surrounded by “the hens,” my group of teacher friends. All of us clucking and laughing about all sorts of things.

I turn to Jess. “I haven’t blogged yet for tomorrow.  Not sure what to write about though. Guess I’ll have to do that tomorrow between swim lessons.”

She laughs and says “me neither. And I usually post by the morning. Was hoping to get an idea tonight.  Summer writing inspiration is hard.”

From down the table chimes Ali, “what’re you two talking about?”

“Tomorrow’s Tuesday. We’re talking about what to blog. Quick, do something funny!” Jess answers.

Ali tried to do just that! We all laugh. Jess leans over and says “well, we can both write our version of tonight!”

That’s what friends are for…chatting, laughing, collaborating and inspiring.

Jess’ version of our inspiration can be found here: Stars Align

5 thoughts on “That’s what friends are for…

  1. As Tuesday approaches at any time of the year, and I’ve grasped nothing to write, I start willing people to do something so I can write! Such a twisted way we can live – but your slice is a reminder that capturing a conversation, a moment in time is sliceworthy – nothing extraordinary necessary – friends, laughter and tacos work just fine! Thanks for sharing!

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