“I can’t” is not in my vocabulary

“Why are you taking the plates off that barbell,” Coach AJ said to me this morning. “You can squat that weight.” I was just about to complete the first of 4 sets. “Are you sure? Last time I tried you didn’t like how I held the bar.” When the timer went off, AJ and IContinue reading ““I can’t” is not in my vocabulary”

Pizza, beer and FAMILY

I’m from a huge family. A huge, tight-knit family. A huge, tight-knit, geographically close family. Holidays typically involved 30 people easy. But since 2020 it’s only been about 10. Needless to say it’s felt a bit strange. About a month ago my sister sent a text message to my generation cousins (about 15 of us).Continue reading “Pizza, beer and FAMILY”

What is Brooks famous for?

“What would you like as your side,” the waitress asked my dad. “I’ll have the coleslaw,” he replied. “The FAMOUS coleslaw.” The waitress smiled and started to right it down. “Is it really that famous,” she asked. “You tell us,” someone replied. We all looked around the table. We had no clue being it wasContinue reading “What is Brooks famous for?”

Things I Miss About Vacation

Sleeping Late Reading many great books for pleasure Playing golf Going on bikes rides Seeing wildlife from afar (alligators, turtles and snakes oh my!) Shopping Walking with my mom Sitting by the pool Relaxing in the hot tub before bed Seeing friends from Miami and the northeast Having yummy food and drinks with my familyContinue reading “Things I Miss About Vacation”