Ned Lamont

I always enjoy listening to my students as they come in on Monday mornings. They greet each other happily after not seeing each other for a few days. They tell each other about the wins and losses at sporting events. Actually they share all kinds of stories about their weekends.

Today I sat back and listened. I couldn’t hear everything but I tried to zero in on a group of girls chatting about their weekend.

“I really miss Ned Lamont,” one girl announces.

“Me too,” the other 2 exclaim. They continue talking but I’m interrupted a few times by questions about morning work or another student coming in a greeting me.

When I get back to listening in I hear his name again and can’t resist asking, “Did I hear you say you miss Ned Lamont?”

“Yup,” they say in unison. I stare puzzled. How do 2nd graders know any politics?

After a beat I ask, “can you explain?”

They go on to tell me about a birthday party they went to where they got to name animals, mostly dogs. They were so proud of their names… Ned Lamont, Clare, Manning (as in the football player) etc. I listen and giggle along with them. But I’m still left wondering why Ned Lamont was a name they choose… and why was he the favorite?


2 thoughts on “Ned Lamont

  1. Such a great story about how unexpected children are! Don’t assume, ask, and you will be delighted. And yes, I also wonder how they chose those names… probably whim, or some random association we will never know.

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