Tired…so tired

“I should have listened to my mom and gone to bed on time last night,” Ellen said during morning work time.

“I’m so tired. Why did I not listen to my mom last night,” she said right before lunch.

Yawning and with her head down during a math assessment, “Ugh! I’m going to listen to my mom next time and go to bed on time.”

Each time, not knowing what else to do, I gave her a hug and tried to reassure Ellen that she would make it through the day. That she’d get to go home for the whole weekend… and sleep the whole weekend if she really wanted to.

Towards the end of the day I announced we had 5 more minutes of work time. Ellen finally broke. The tears started to flow. The shoulders shuddered. The sobs came. “I’m just sooooo tired.” All I could think to do again was to give her a big hug. I told her I knew exactly how she felt and it was the worse. I reminded her that she would be home so soon! If only I could have given her a cup of coffee!


6 thoughts on “Tired…so tired

  1. Aw, poor thing. You showed such empathy though. My kids are and I were just talking about falling asleep in class and my middle school son was asking if you get a detention. I said, I would hope the teacher would just nudge you awake and be kind. My younger daughter said her teacher did that the one time it happened last year. I hope my kids get more teachers like that. Like you!

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