We were given an hour today to be productive. To work on preparing for parent teacher conferences that start next week. I’m sure my principal meant for this time to be used to make photocopies, to create notes or files to be shared. But I couldn’t motivate to do that.

So I headed into the hallway to take down my bulletin board from the start of the school year. After chatting with my team mate Brenna (the artistic one), we decided to create the next board too. The boards would be interactive. So off we went to find paper to create giant letters to spell out JOY and GRATEFUL (I got to do JOY being the non-artistic one and/or I pulled the seniority card).

As we sprawled out on the hallway floor we chatted, my mind wandering to what the students of our building would write on the letters. Would they be things I predict or would they be a surprise? Would they be the same or different from what teachers would add? Only time will tell, but I can’t wait!

Thanks for the time to be productive!


2 thoughts on “Productive

  1. And that IS preparing — parents will see that when they are in for conferences. It’s like decorating your home, or tidying up in preparation for guests! Environment matters! And yes, so thankful for that 2 hours!!

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  2. This is what I consider to be “productive”! I felt you at the “couldn’t motivate” and an hour is such a short slip of time to do anything meaningful. But, you did this here and the story of joy in the creation, the productive play is the best part of this slice!

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