Clean Out



“Does that even fit?”




“I like that but it’s not in style. Get rid of it.”

“Those are 2 of essentially the same shirts. You do not need both!”

This went on and on this afternoon with my helpers, my mom and sister.

4 big, full garbage bags to Goodwill! Now I can shop for more!

Thanks helpers!


5 thoughts on “Clean Out

  1. I was right with you until you celebrated you could shop for more! (I think this is what everybody feels but you’re not supposed to say out loud.) To comment on the writing- the short spoken phrases are perfect for this rapid decision-making process needed for a closet clean-out. And maybe subliminally inspiring!

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  2. Catching up on many missed slices this month – a wee bit busy! Love this fast paced post that captures exactly how one should purge! I’m looking forward to being home this weekend to live exactly what you have captured here!

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